Thursday, December 18, 2014

Just Rambling a lot...

In the Road to Christmas study that I am doing with Love God Greatly, we are study the lineage of Christ. This week, I have been reading on Boaz, Ruth, and Naomi.

"Salmon the father of Boaz,
Boaz the father of Obed,
Obed the father of Jesse, 
and Jesse the father of David."
Ruth 4: 21 - 22

King David's family line eventually leads to Jesus Christ. Beautiful history. The line of my Savior. Not a line of perfect people but a line of real people with real issues doing life the best they could and making mistakes all along the way but they knew that a Savior was coming. Faith that kept their eyes on the coming Messiah. 

As I read the Bible, I can feel the love as the authors describe the lineage. I often skip over the lineage and the begats but the authors didn't want to leave out parts of the family. They wanted to mention them. I'm gaining new appreciation for the family lines. 

When I think about this week and what a week it is in my family. I think of my own lineage. I have friends today who didn't know me in 2011. They never knew my grandfather but just like those mentioned in the lineage of Christ who we know little about, I mention my grandfather. 

Sunday, December 21 would have been his birthday. Flowers for his tombstone currently sit on my dining room table. It's been 3 years and I haven't wrapped my heart around the fact that he really is gone. Years ago, Papa told me that he had never had a birthday party. He grew up incredibly poor and was lucky to even get an orange for Christmas. Everyone needs to have a birthday party at least once so  I threw him a party with his grandchildren. It was a celebration of fatty foods, laughs, and love. We still have a party on Dec. 21 or close to it, we now call it Grandkid Christmas. Every year, for his BIRTHDAY not Christmas I place flowers on his tombstone. I'm not sure I'll do this forever but I'll do it for now. 

I'm not really sure how my Road to Christmas study and my grandfather's birthday really relate so I'm sorry for the rambling post. However, when I think about my own lineage, I can't leave out my Papa. Our lineage is steeped with missteps but full of faith. Just like the author who mentions people I've never heard of, I do the same thing. Others don't really need to know of my grandfather but I tell them anyway. 

What's your lineage? Is it one that you are proud of? When you think of those who have gone before you, does it bring tears to your eyes? My husband has something beautiful that he says to me when I can't stop the tears. "Leslie, grief this large means you loved greatly. I'll take the tears that I don't understand because it means that you loved someone in a way that I don't yet understand." 

Love others greatly. Be the hands and feet of Christ. Love God Greatly too... 

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