Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Just say "yes"...

Sunday, Brian and I taught our adult LifeGroup for the very last time. I've been reflecting on all the things that happened through this class. I've witnessed couples come to have greater marriages. My trust in God has grown exponentially and it's hard to even really explain it. There are sweet friendships that would have never happened had it not been for this class. 

The greatest blessing I received, because I said "yes" to God when he asked me to teach this class, was Cooper Williams. 

I never would've fallen in love with this baby had I not said "yes". Cooper's story didn't end the way I wanted but praying every day for those two shorts months that I knew him changed me for the better as a person and as a Christian. 

Sometimes saying "yes" to something God is asking of you is difficult. It pushes us outside our comfort zones. But the blessings are too many to count. I didn't know that Harper having hypotonia would ever be a story I would use to help another Momma but I prayed for an opportunity to share our story. Sweet Cooper went to his Heavenly home earlier this summer but I'll say "yes" over & over to the opportunities God gives me if it means helping others. 

This life isn't meant to be spent alone. Go along somebody and help them carry their burdens & their blessings. I cried on Sunday as we said our "see you laters" it's who I am, but so thankful for the journey.